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Every artist’s path is not important, whether it is in music or podcast programs, or something else where you have to voice directly something permeated with complexities and great efforts. You must understand that if your dream is to become a famous musician in Los Angeles, you must make sure that your voice “breaks through” among others and is remembered, then you must try and never give up. 

 There are many music studios in LA that you can visit and try yourself with your voice. But be careful when choosing a studio because not every one of them can offer excellent sound quality and good service.

 If you really want to “leave your unique mark” in the field of music, then our ZOOM Recording Studio can help you with this. What can this recording studio offer you? Let’s figure it out in our article today. We will also reveal to you what gear list the studio offers and what makes our sound engineers stand out.

Why should you visit ZOOM Recording Studio?

If you live in the busy city of Los Angeles and you dream of recording something, then turn your attention to one of the best recording studios in Los Angeles –  our ZOOM Recording Studio. This studio offers many advantages that may interest you. Some of the main ones are:

1) The most modern studio premises

Our ZOOM Recording Studio differs from other studios in that we only have everything technologically modern in the studio. Thanks to various lighting and other technical possibilities, we can create a specific mood in the room of the recording studio. In this way, we help you relax and follow the flow of your musical thoughts.

2) Many services

If you visit us in the recording studio, you will be able to receive such services as:


  • Studio time

  • Photo & video production

  • Podcast

  • Digital products

  • Playlist submission

  • Promo services

  • Gift certificate

  • Online services

 Pick the assistance that intrigues you and remember to reach us assuming you have any inquiries.

3) Soundproof studios

Not every recording studio in Los Angeles has soundproof studios, but ours does! Thanks to this advantage, you can fully focus on your vocals and your business. You can “trust us with your voice” because our recording studios are acoustically designed!

4) Support at any time

Our experienced sound engineers are not only professionals but also mentors for you. They will always be there in happy and not-so-happy periods during the recording. If you have an idea or want to make corrections or listen to the opinion of a specialist, you can not be shy and feel free to ask our sound engineers. They are guaranteed to provide you with assistance and suggest the vector of movement to achieve a successful recording.

What is the gear list of the ZOOM Recording Studio?

By choosing ZOOM Recording Studio, you can get a unique private workspace to focus on your artistic and creative processes. You are also guaranteed to receive high-quality equipment such as:

1) Audio interfaces

In our music recording studio, we have the best audio interface Universal Audio Apollo 8 and Apollo x8.With this sound point of interaction, you can consolidate excellent sound quality with continuous handling. We likewise utilize the third era Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB sound point of interaction, which gives excellent recording and playback.

2) Monitoring

In our recording studio, we have the legendary Yamaha NS10 studio monitor, which we use to provide an unpleasant sound representation for critical listening and mixing. We also use a high-quality active studio monitor Dynaudio LYD 8, which is designed for accurate and detailed sound reproduction.

3) Computer, Programs, Plug-ins

In our ZOOM Recording Studio, we use a Mac computer. Thanks to it, we can provide you with a reliable platform for performing tasks related to music production.

 In addition to this equipment, we use many others. For the full list, click here.

What makes sound engineers from ZOOM Recording Studio stand out?

If you book a studio session with us, then you can get the best result thanks to our sound engineers. Here are some reasons why:

1) Great experience

Each of our sound engineers has years of experience. Each project with which they start to work the result becomes successful.

2) Devotion to music

Our sound engineers have a genuine passion for music. They live it and devote themselves to every project. Isn’t it wonderful?

3) Support

You will be able to find not only a professional sound engineer but also a friend, mentor, “right hand” and so on. We truly care about your music and are ready to help you realize your artistic vision. Don’t be afraid to open up to us and see how you can achieve success in the music field.

 Change your musical world for the better and take a step towards your dream with us today!

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