Top 9 Reasons Why the Ios App Store May Reject Your Mobile App

Regardless of whether your software is brand-new or just an update, it has to be regulated before it can be downloaded from the software Store.

The account owner will get an email notification if the App Store moderators were unable to uncover any issues; this usually takes two to seven days. Then, a day later, the software is available on the software Store.

The account owner will get a less than amusing message at the same email address if the moderators discover anything is amiss. It will notify you of the particular reasons why the app was rejected by the censors. Additionally, it could provide suggestions about what and how to remedy the product.

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Examine the following facts and statistics

Over 100,000 applications are submitted to the App Store each week by users for moderation; on average, 40% of these apps are rejected for various reasons.

In 2024, the App Store banned almost a million applications and a million upgrades. 48,000 applications have been deleted by moderators for using undocumented or hidden functionality.

Over 215,000 applications were rejected by the App Review team in 2024 due to various privacy issues.

Over 500 human specialists are involved in the App Store review process; fewer than 1% of rejections are appealed.

There are a number of reasons why your mobile app could be rejected, but both users and product developers should be aware of the most important ones. By using this knowledge, you may boost your chances of joining the market and steer clear of frequent pitfalls.

The main causes of Apple’s App Store app rejections as well as strategies to prevent them

Apple’s App Store takes app publication very seriously, in contrast to its rivals. This is why you should consider the specifications and quality standards stated by the company while developing a product for iOS consumers.

A list of evident and less evident reasons why applications are rejected by the App Store has been compiled by us. See the article below for additional details about them.

1. Failure to adhere to store regulations

App Store Guidelines is a document available on the App Store that outlines certain specifications for publishing apps. On Apple’s official websites, you may read it. Reviewing and ensuring that your software complies with these rules is essential before submitting it to the app store.

2. Problems with Performance

Apps with a high number of bugs and clear performance problems are usually the first to be rejected.

This also applies if the application’s UI is too complicated or incomplete. Apple will be forced to reject your software if the interface standards outlined in the design guidelines are not met.

3. Unsuitable Content

Your app description should alert prospective users to any sensitive material your app may include. An age request must be made by the app to users who attempt to download such a product.

App developers are required to tag their applications with age and suitable ratings. Your app won’t be uploaded to the store if it doesn’t.

4. The act of copying

These types of applications often include incorrect, dishonest, or deceptive information, as well as names and icons that are strange copies of those seen in other well-known apps. Third-party content rights are covered under this regulation.

5. The App’s Screenshots and Description Don’t Match

Moderators will reject your mobile app if its images, description, and title do not accurately reflect its capabilities and content. The smallest bit of false information may be seen by the team as deceiving users, which would result in rejection.

Before submitting your app for evaluation, make sure it is fully functional. Before releasing your product, every intended functionality must be implemented.

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6. Absence of an update’s change log

When you issue an update for your app, you have to specify any new features in a special App Store Connect field. If your app does not have a clear change description, it will not pass review.

7. Unauthorized Entry into User Information

In 2021, Apple modified its advertising guidelines. Users’ consent must be requested for your app to follow their activities in order to gather data for ad campaigns.

8. Purchasing in-app

You have to limit your digital content sales to in-app purchases. Subscriptions, in-app purchases, films, and more feature access are examples of digital content.

To access material or features, your app shouldn’t need users to do extra steps like rating, reviewing, or installing another app.

9. Statement of Privacy

Should your app:

Is intended primarily for children, and you intend to distribute it via the relevant App Store category; seeks or gathers user personal data (such as names, email addresses, locations, photographs, etc.);

Permits users to create or access online service accounts, you need to create an English privacy policy for the Apple team.

You can discover ample information on this topic on Google if you’d want to learn more about how to write this paper correctly.

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What Should You Do If Your App Is Turned Down?

Even if your iOS app was refused, you still have the option to fix bugs and submit an appeal.

Take some time to thoroughly examine the reasons behind the rejection, and make sure you thoroughly test your product. Check other items as well as the faults that the Apple moderators have noted. Moderators may have overlooked further grounds for rejection in the accompanying notification, if they were available.

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